Dear Thought of You friends,

Don’t you think it’s a shame that most of your vacation pictures will end up in some file on your external drive or sit in your dusty photo box?
We show you a simply and beautiful way to gather your most memorable vacation experiences with the Thought of You DiaryMessenger.

The Thought of You Vacation Diary
Thought of You offers you a unique and lively place for your vacation experiences.
Tell your friends and family about your adventures by creating a diary with pictures, text and even YouTube videos and iTunes music!
Letting others comment on your diary creates funny dialogues that make your diary even livelier.
But most importantly: Your diary entries won’t get lost! You have the opportunity to revisit the places you’ve been to and look at all your past experiences.

In this article, we will show you a few interesting ways to create your perfect vacation diary with Thought of You
Check it out!

We have already made a diary for you. You can have a look at it through the Thought of You Web App:

The Thought of You Travel Diary (watch here)


1. Upload your vacation pictures

a) Start with your vacation diary by opening the app and access My Diaries through the main screen.

b) Continue as follows:

– (iPhone users): Tap on Create

– (Android users): Tap on Create or press the plus button

c) You can now set a name for your diary, e.g. Our Trip to Italy 2017

Go to Create and finish your first diary. In the next steps we show you different ways to fill your diary…. ???

Go back to the main menu of your diary to choose a cover image.

d) Now go to the upper right hand corner and press New Entry to upload your first holiday picture.

Here are a couple of examples on how this diary entry might look like.


Day One: Visiting London and the Tower Bridge                              Day Three: Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


2. Listen to your diary

Make your travel diary unique with music.

Find the right music for your perfect moment and turn your diary into a vivid experience for friends and family.

Find out here, how you can upload iTunes Music to your diary:

  1. Go to create diary entry or new entry
  2. Press the music note symbol. A search window opens.
  3. You can now search for title, album or artist.
  4. Select the title you want to put in your diary and press save.

Listening to iTunes Music. Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way                               Listening to iTunes Music. Louis Armstrong.


3. Share your diary: Let friends and family be part of your adventures!

In order for other people to see and comment on your diary, you have to allow them access.

Proceed as follows:

a) Tap the menu button in the upper right hand corner (icon with three dots) and press share diary

b) This opens your address book. Here you can select individual contacts by simply tapping on their names.

c) Press save. The people you have selected will receive a message.

The more people you invite to your diary, the livelier the discussions in the comment section and the more fun you have while creating your travel diary.


Sharing your diary with friends and family.                              Drinking coffee in Amsterdam.


We wish you a great trip and hope, you enjoy creating your own travel diary and sharing it with friends and family.

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Google Play Store:


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Have fun creating your own travel diary!


Your Thought of You Team