Dear Thought of You friends,

you haven’t heard from us in a long while but now we are back with some excitingnews:

Our new website is online!

You can visit the website here:

  • Video: In case you have not seen our DiaryMessenger video yet, you can watch it on our YouTube channel. It will give you a short introduction to the app and its main features and will show you, how you can write a message and create a diary.
  • Blog: Discover the variety of possibilities on how you can create your own personal diary with the DiaryMessenger. Starting now, we will post interesting articles about a variety of different topics on our blog. For example: find out, how you can use the DiaryMessenger as a blogging platform and how you can create an exciting travel journal. We will also regularly introduce a user from our app and will keep you updated about the latest app news.
  • Tell your story: With Thought of You, you can tell your personal story. With our website, we offer you all the information you need to enable you to tell that story with the DiaryMessenger. Discover our live ticker at the end of the website and see, how other users tell their story with Thought of You.

Enjoy the DiaryMessenger and see you soon!

Your Team Thought of You