The Thought of You Web App: Creating journals and photo albums at your PC or Laptop!

Dear Thought of You friends,

how many of you probably already know, Thought of You is not only available on Android or iOS.
You can also sign up through our Thought of You web app and access your diaries online.

In this blog post, you will find out about the advantages that come with the web app and what differentiates it from its mobile counterpart.

Why a web app?

Clearly, with the DiaryMessenger we want to focus on the mobile app. When we startet three years ago, it was our goal to build you a place for you to keep and share your greatest moments and experiences with your friends and family.
We had already built a web app then, but only to make it easier for your contacts to see and comment the pictures and messages you shared with them, without them having to install the app.
Last year, we decided to position ourselves as a diary app. We wanted to give our users the opportunity to upload as many pictures as they wanted and add them to a diary in a simple and convenient way.

That is why we expanded the functionalities of our web app with the launch of the new DiaryMessenger in January.

What are the advantages of the web app?

Creating diaries and diary entries is much easier with the web app. With just a few mouse clicks, you have uploaded your pictures and written a fitting comment.

Using the slideshow view, you can click through the individual diary entries. With the comment box and the photo icon, we have put two important functions in close proximity to each other.
Thus, pictures and text can be combined to a lively comment very easily.
By clicking on the menu bar, you can access your diary profile or share your diary in a few simple steps.
The web app works for every common browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer.
This allows you to access your diary from all over the world, even if you don’t have your smartphone at hand.

In the following, we will give you a first glance at our web app:

1. PC / Mac


Reisetagebuch Wanderung_Thought of You Web App

Travel Diary: Using the web app, you can very simply upload and access your favorite vacation photos.


2. Laptop 


Familienalbum_Thought of You Web App

Family Album: Create your very own personal family album filled with unforgettable moments.


3. Tablet 


Holi Festival_Thought of You Web App

Photoalbum: Thought of You is a place for your special moments and experiences. Share them with friends!


You can sign up now at and create your first diary with Thought of You!


We hope you enjoy the DiaryMessenger!


Your Thought of You Team