Dear Thought of You friends,

it has been almost three years since we started Thought of You and we still haven’t earned any money with it.

How have we survived so far? And what made us do it this way in the first place?

You’ll find out in this article.


Why you don’t have to pay for the DiaryMessenger

Since we released the DiaryMessenger we offer the app as a free download from the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.

We also don’t employ banner ads or ad videos within the DiaryMessenger app.

Normally, this is not what a business enterprise would do.

But we have our reasons:

1) The user experience

It is our main goal to deliver you an exceptional and undisturbed user experience.

In-app advertising would compromise this experience and significantly reduce the overall ease of use.

This would take away from the fun of using the app and that is something we don’t want.

3) Your trust

We are convinced that we have to earn the trust of our users with a service that puts an emphasis on the importance of privacy.

This is why we allow you to use the DiaryMessenger with all its features without the need to pay for it.


And how are we making money?

So far we managed to finance Thought of You entirely by our own means.

Of course this is hard to do in the long run. At the same time, we want to continue to offer the app completely free of charge.

For it to stay this way, we need your support.

For some time past, you can find a „Join-in!“ page on our website.


What is it about?

On this page we call on you, our most faithful fans and app users, to support the DiaryMessenger with a small contribution.

Obviously, this is not mandatory and is completely up to you. Nevertheless, we would be happy, if you could show us your appreciation this way.

Come and have a look. We are thankful for every penny!


Diaries as a book

Moreover, we want to make it possible for you to print out your diaries as a book.

But more on this soon.


Best regards,


Your Thought of You team