Your stories. Shared with friends.

Available for Android, iOS and as a web app.

Thought of You iPhone

The perfect combination of diary and messenger.

Experience moments together, keep them close and relieve old memories.

  • 1


    Create as many diaries as you like.

  • 2


    Send messages to your friends and family.

  • 3


    Add beautiful moments from your chats to a diary.

  • 4


    Decide, who you want to share your diary with.

Thought of You Android
Thought of You Android

Thought of You

Tell your story!

The DiaryMessenger is a private place for your thoughts, memories and beautiful moments. Create vivid diaries and share them with friends and family or send them a message.

  • Create an unlimited amount of diaries.
  • Add messages from your chats to your diaries.
  • Send out text messages, pictures, YouTube videos and music.
  • Plan the sending time of your messages.
  • Use the Thought of You web app to access your diaries anywhere, anytime.
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This is Thought of You

Fort the first time, the DiaryMessenger enables you to create multiple diaries for different occasions. There are no limits how to you use the DiaryMessenger: Create a wedding diary with pictures you want to hold on to forever. Use the DiaryMessenger as a blog to keep friends and family updated on your journey. Or write a private diary with your own personal thoughts.

The integrated Messenger enables you to communicate with friends and family in a convenient and stress-free way. Watch your colorful and lively story unfold with pictures, music, videos and comments and revisit the conversations in your personal chronic. With the Thought of You web app, you are able to use the DiaryMessenger online. Invite your friends and family to the app and share your stories.

A diary for every occasion

  • Vacation and adventure travel

    Capture adventures from your latest trip and hold on to your special moments.

  • Wedding and family celebration

    The pictures of the last family wedding, right there in your diary.

  • Celebrations family outing

    Regardless of the occasion, Christmas get-together or family reunion, with Thought of You you can capture every moment forever.

Design and functionality combined

The elegant and sophisticated design cater for an authentic diary experience.

What users like to do in Thought of You.

  • Total number of users

  • Diaries created

  • Diary-entries created

  • Thoughts sent

  • Thoughts commented


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